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Realistic Expectations for Permanent Weight Loss

Having unrealistic fitness goals can make weight loss extremely frustrating.  With the wrong expectations, you can set yourself up for failure. Weight loss goals should be: Precise. Outline an action plan for the week, and be specific. Create a fitness plan that’s clear and goal-oriented. Progressive. Take baby steps in the beginning and allow yourself […]

Eight Quick and Healthy Late-Night Snacks

So you did everything right today: ate nutritious meals, exercised for an hour before hitting the morning traffic to work, had a hearty apple for your afternoon snack, and consumed a well-balanced dinner.  But before calling it a night, you find yourself snacking furiously on a generous serving of chocolate ice cream. It’s hard not […]

Four reasons why it’s good to exercise regularly

Ever wondered what’s the difference between those who exercise and those who don’t? It’s habit.  And clearly people have different habits. Kudos for those who brave on the grueling first 3 weeks of doing their daily workout routines!  And for those of you who continue exercising on a regular basis despite your certainly busy schedules, […]