Football Drills for Personal Training

Personal trainers are in an area where football season is well under way this fall and taken very seriously. Women may sometimes associate football as being a male dominant sport, but there are actually some fun football drills that can be included in your personal training experience that may make you think twice about this. Exercises commonly […]

How to help Sore Muscles Recover Quickly

We all know what it’s like to have sore muscles. Exercising while muscles are still very sore from a previous workout may seem difficult and painful, but it can actually help your muscles heal more quickly when done correctly. As a personal trainer, I have a few suggestions of the type of exercises that can […]

How to Tone Legs and Glutes without adding Bulk

A common question that I often get from clients in my experience pertains to women looking for ways to tone their legs and glutes without adding bulk. Many women shy away from working out their legs because they fear that their quads, hamstrings, and glutes will get “too big,” and they will not be able […]

Getting a good night’s sleep can benefit your overall health

Many people underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but it can make the ifference in your overall health . When your body gets between 6-8 hours of peaceful sleep, you are likely to experience many benefits from it. A good night’s sleep can restore your energy, regulate hormones, reduce stress, and benefit […]

Why hiring a personal trainer can challenge and motivate you

Whether you are new to working out or you have experience and want to go the extra mile, having a personal trainer can help you to reach your goals by offering motivation, coaching and friendship. Here are some other benefits to hiring a personal trainer. Setting Realistic Goals If you are like many people, you […]

Women – Five ways to boost your energy levels

It’s normal to feel exhausted after a long day. However, many women also feel fatigued even in the middle of the day, and even after getting a full night’s sleep. These women struggle with finding the energy to do the activities that they want to do. Fortunately there are ways to combat these episodes of […]

Weight Loss: When Can You Realistically Expect To See Results?

If you recently started a fitness program, you are most likely wondering when you can realistically expect to see results. While some diet programs and celebrity workout routines promise weight loss in a matter of weeks or even days, don’t be easily fooled. Getting in shape and staying healthy will require dedication, motivation and time, […]

Fact or Myth: Can Stress Make You Fat?

How to Control Stress and Weight Gain Naturally Recent studies confirm that stress can contribute to weight gain, and cortisol is the primary stress hormone responsible. When we’re under a lot of stress or threatened, cortisol levels rise to a “fight or flight” state, releasing a burst of energy we need to respond to the […]

5 Tips on Keeping your New Year’s Resolution for Exercise, Diet and Losing Weight

As January approaches, lots of people make New Year resolutions. This list of promises help keep them focused and motivated throughout the coming year. Some of the most common resolutions (and toughest!) are those promises related to exercise, fitness, diet, losing weight and health. Yet, these personal health challenges should be at the top of […]

Fitness Accountability – Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

One of the key benefits of working with a personal trainer is accountability. When left to yourself, it becomes way too easy to procrastinate and talk yourself out of exercising. The demands of work, the busyness of kids or just sheer exhaustion will become easy excuses to not exercise. With a personal trainer, you will […]