How to Tone Legs and Glutes without adding Bulk

A common question that I often get from clients in my experience pertains to women looking for ways to tone their legs and glutes without adding bulk. Many women shy away from working out their legs because they fear that their quads, hamstrings, and glutes will get “too big,” and they will not be able to fit into their favorite skinny jeans. When paired with a healthy diet, here are 3 simple leg/glute exercises that tone without adding bulk.

  1. Split jump lunges. This exercise can be done in a confined amount of space, and looks a lot like a lunge, except jumping, and in one place. While your leg position is in a standard lunge placement, alternate the forward foot by jumping into place. Plyometric exercises for your legs and glutes are a great way to incorporate strength and cardio simultaneously. Not only is your heart rate elevated to burn more calories during this type of workout, but split jump lunges force your body to recruit a variety of different muscles to stabilize and maintain your balance.
  2. Step back lunges. Any lunge where you are stepping backwards incorporates more of your glutes. Walking lunges while moving in reverse is a perfect way to tone and lift the bum. Mix up the travel distance and intensity with proper form so that you are challenging your system. Once you get a little out of breath, you will understand how this exercise if a great way to tone and burn excess fat all at the same time.
  3. Park bench step-ups. This is a super convenient exercise for a personal trainer to incorporate into a client’s workout because it can be performed pretty much anywhere, whether outdoor in a park, or indoor with a bench or chair. Start this exercise standing on top of a bench. Alternate your feet stepping up and down the bench. Adjust your sets and repetitions so that the workout is a challenge, and you are breathing heavily. Your body will tell you when you are working hard. You will feel the burn during this exercise pretty quickly in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Personal Trainers have so many options available to them in lieu of leg and glute exercises. Any of these three exercises can be done without professional equipment, and are are a great way to accomplish leg and glute toning without adding additional bulk.


Article by Rainie Davis