Football Drills for Personal Training

Personal trainers are in an area where football season is well under way this fall and taken very seriously. Women may sometimes associate football as being a male dominant sport, but there are actually some fun football drills that can be included in your personal training experience that may make you think twice about this. Exercises commonly used during football training can be a fun way to achieve your fitness goals regardless of your gender. Many football stadiums in the area have general public hours, so I encourage you to try a workout outdoors on a football field. If not, most football training exercises can be done at any park or open area. Here are five popular football exercises to get you in the spirit of the season.

  1. Burpees.  If you do not know what a burpee looks like, the best way I can explain it in words, without demonstrating is it is, a squat thrust incorporating a push up at the bottom of the exercise and a jump with your hands reaching upward at the top of the exercise. You can refer to youtube to get a sense of the motion. Burpees are often related to football training because they are wonderful for strength and cardio working together using your own body weight.
  2. Bleacher drills. If you do have access to a football field, bleacher exercises really shape and tone the legs while elevating your heart rate. Alternate each trip up the bleachers between standard runs on every step, then every other step, and frog jumps. Switch up the pace if you get too winded, so that there is an “active rest” period. During an “active rest” trip up the bleachers, really focus your weight into the heel of your leading foot and squeeze your glute and hamstring to get the most out of the exercise, and target the larger, fat burning muscles in your body.
  3. Football feet or fast feet. I even refer to this exercise as “Hoosiers” to some of my clients. If you have ever seen the movie “Hoosiers” starring Gene Hackman, then you know exactly what I am talking about during the famous gym practice scene. Though this is a basketball movie, fast feet drills are used in football training as well. Have a personal trainer direct you in this exercise and call out when to switch.
  4. Karaokes. A karaoke is a lateral movement drill that may be executed across the football field. For this drill, it is best to consult your trainer for demonstration and proper form. Again, I would also suggest looking up the drill online or on youtube to get a general sense of the movement before you begin. Karaokes are great for warming up your hips, and also for introducing a unique cardiovascular aspect to your routine.
  5. Line sprints. These are commonly known as suicide sprints in the football circle. To rid any negative connotation, I often just refer to them as line sprints. Split the field into quarters. Begin in the end zone, and sprint to touch your hand to the 25 yard line. Use your agility skills to quickly change direction and sprint back to the end zone. Immediately switch your direction again, and sprint all the way to mid-field this time, touching the 50 yard line. Continue this pattern all the way across the field, so that your last leg of the sprint spans from end zone to end zone. You will be very winded after completing one set of these, but line sprints are wonderful interval drills that burn fat quickly and efficiently. They are difficult as well, so they allow you to challenge yourself and provide a goal to work towards. If you are unable to complete a full set upon first try, do not judge yourself. Simply create a goal to add an extra quarter of the field each time you set out to accomplish the drill.

These five football exercises are just the tip of the iceberg that personal trainers can incorporate to help you accomplish your workout goals. Females, there is no need to be intimidated. A knowledgeable personal trainer can assist you in making this workout fun, challenging, and rewarding simultaneously.


Article by Rainie Davis