How to help Sore Muscles Recover Quickly

We all know what it’s like to have sore muscles. Exercising while muscles are still very sore from a previous workout may seem difficult and painful, but it can actually help your muscles heal more quickly when done correctly. As a personal trainer, I have a few suggestions of the type of exercises that can be done without interrupting your workout regiment, while your muscles are sore, that will actually help the aching to subside a little more quickly. Keep in mind there is a difference between a sore muscle and a pulled muscle. Consult with a trainer to know the difference, and how to treat each separately.

  • Any type of cardiovascular exercise that focuses less on strength training and toning, and more on keeping your heart rate elevated, can help to dissipate some of the lactic acid buildup that is the culprit of the aches and pains. I know many personal trainers who prefer spin classes, or even incorporate biking into their their own workouts and their client’s workouts because it gets blood pumping throughout your system flushing out the burn from the acid. I have personally experienced relief from sore muscles by incorporating this type of kinetic exercise during a spin class. My soreness does not last as long, as opposed to if I were to do more static exercises.

  • Always remember that stretching is a vital part of your workout regiment as well. You may have observed some personal training has to offer, eavesdropping during a session a with a client. I have seen trainers in the past who stretch with their client before they ever begin moving. This is actually a big no no! Even when muscles are sore, it is important to generate some friction in the muscles to loosen them up a bit before jarring them into a full fledged workout. Lightly jogging for 5 minutes before beginning a session on your own, or doing some jumping jacks is key before stretching. Stretching while muscles are cold can lead to tears and injury, and even make soreness worse.

  • Heated yoga or Bikram yoga is another good workout while your muscles are still stiff. The elevated temperature in the room, combined with a yoga flow like ashtanga or even vinyasa can flush out the chemicals where your muscles are already torn.

  • And last, but not least, if your soreness is so intense that it inhibits proper movement, communicate to your personal trainer exactly which muscles are sore, so that they can alternate your regiment to focus on different muscles during that particular session.

These are just a few tips to help your sore muscles recover. As long as you are not dealing with a pulled muscle, any of these exercises can be safely executed and will not interrupt your journey towards your fitness goals.


Article by Rainie Davis