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The Ugly Truth about Diet Soda

Look at what’s on your plate, not just what’s in your glass. Diet drinks aren’t diets.

Watch out for those Taco Bueno burritos

My family and I enjoy Tex Mex food–rice, beans, enchiladas, tortillas, pico de Gallo.  There are many fast food restaurants that we enjoy–Rosa’s, Lupe’s, Mexican Inn and Taco Bueno.  My husband and son love the bean burritos at Taco Bueno. Do you know how many calories are in one Bean Burrito from Taco Bueno?  (Stop […]

Five Reasons to do Morning Exercises

Hauling yourself out of bed in the morning and committing to a morning exercise routine can be difficult—especially if you’re not a “morning person”. But here’s something you should know—there are many benefits to sweating off those extra pounds in the early hours.  Here are five reasons why morning exercises may be great for you: Early bird […]