Weight Loss: When Can You Realistically Expect To See Results?

If you recently started a fitness program, you are most likely wondering when you can realistically expect to see results. While some diet programs and celebrity workout routines promise weight loss in a matter of weeks or even days, don’t be easily fooled. Getting in shape and staying healthy will require dedication, motivation and time, and there is no short-cut you can take.

Many doctors and fitness specialists agree that it takes about 12 weeks before you can begin to notice an apparent change in your body, depending on the amount of time and variety of workout you do.  This period will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your new lifestyle, and determine if your fitness program really works for you.  During this time, you may follow these three easy steps to maximize your workout for optimum weight loss:

1. Maintain a healthy diet

Your food choices can directly impact the outcome of all your hard work.  Stay away from popular diets that are often calorie restrictive.  This will not bring you long-term results, and might even cause weight gain in the future.  Go for healthy options such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

2. Plan a workout that includes both cardiovascular and weight-lifting routines

Jogging or cycling, for example, create a greater caloric deficit than anaerobic exercises (stop and start activities like tennis and basketball) because your body is in constant motion during the entire workout.  Lifting weights also increases muscle mass which increases the metabolic rate and causes greater caloric burn while at rest.

3. Keep an accurate record of your results

Track changes in your weight and measurements, as well as your workout sessions and food intake.  Not only will your logs and journals help you monitor your progress, they are also excellent motivators.

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