3 Secrets To Finding Motivation For Your Fitness Program

Accountability and consistency–both crucial elements of success–are two of our biggest challenges. And this translates even in fitness. Although you generally enjoy your workout routine, there will be days when you won’t feel like getting up early in the morning to exercise; it’s human nature. On days like these, it’s good to turn to a source of motivation and accountability to keep you going.

Here’s how:

Secret #1: Commit to a fitness program and find an accountability partner. Once you’ve identified the workout routine that best fits you, write it down and give a copy to your accountability partner. This person doesn’t necessarily have to exercise with you, but he or she has to know when you plan to exercise, ask you if you did, and monitor your progress.

Secret #2: Get a training partner. If you struggle to get out of bed to exercise, consider hiring a personal trainer. Having someone to get in shape with you is fun, and can be a great motivator. If this is not possible, encourage a friend to commit to a workout plan with you or, if you have kids, involve them in your program. Line up different training partners, including your dogs, so you have options when you are ready to exercise.

Secret #3: Track your progress. Keep a written record of your exercise plan, and plot them on your calendar. Treat your workout schedule as if they were important meetings. When you miss a training session, make a written record of your reasons. At the end of the week, review your performance and plan next week’s course of action. Make sure you communicate your performance and plans—including all your excuses—to your accountability partner.

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